Our Services

The key to successful online marketing lies in the perfect coordination of all your marketing tools and strategies. Here at Got Ya! Business, our services complement each other, enhancing each other’s effectiveness and providing your organization with a comprehensive digital marketing solution. Take a look at the many ways we can help you get more business.

Digital Graphic Design

The world of digital graphic design speaks its own language. But don’t worry, because Got Ya! Business understands that language fluently. We know how to take your ideas and turn them into beautiful reality through:

● Customized logo design that expresses your brand in a nutshell
● Graphic elements that establish and express your visual identity correctly and effectively
● Research and positioning to determine what kind of visual approach will bring you the best results
● Editorial design to help your marketing content flow smoothly and guide the viewer’s eye properly
● Advertising design to make your ads “pop” with the right mood and message

Web Design, Development, and Hosting

A well-designed website makes all the difference in helping potential customers find you, feel confident about your company, and explore your products and services. We offer:

● Hosting and domain services to get your site up and running
● Website design for a beautiful, intuitive user interface that matches your brand
● Web development (the under-the-hood services that keep everything working)
● E-commerce websites that act as virtual shopping centers
● Ongoing web maintenance for your site
● Wordpress services for sites built on that platform
● Market research and positioning to make your site more effective
● Web analytics to help you understand how each aspect of your site is performing

Brand Photography

Photographic images make a big marketing impact, not just on your website but also as an accompaniment to your blog articles, magazine content, menus, and other sales tools. But you don’t have to use the same tired old generic images that everyone else seems to be using. Put our marketing photography expertise to work creating unique commercial images for your use.

Social Media Strategies and Implementation

These days you’ll encounter countless social media channels, platforms, and opportunities. Which ones actually make sense for your needs? Got Ya! Business can answer that question by creating a detailed, research-based social media strategy for your brand. We can then make sure that your social media channels contain the right mix of fresh, relevant content that attracts views and followers -- and that it directs those interested parties to your website, phone number, or email.


Do you have favorite podcasts that you follow? If so, you may have dreamed of hosting your own podcast as a means of raising your business’s online image and attracting new followers to your brand. Well, now you can, with some help from your friends as Got Ya! Business. We can coach you on every step from the process and then take over all the post-production tasks necessary to create a finished podcast, including:

● Stitching
● Audio mixing and mastering
● Content editing

Once you have your completed podcast, we can make sure it reaches your target audience.

PPC Management

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an easy way to push your online presence to the first page of the major search engines, greatly expanding your marketing reach in the process. We can strategize and manage your company’s PPC success by placing and monitoring Facebook and Google ads as well as running paid social and paid search campaigns for you.

QR Codes

Now that the general public has access to scanning apps on their phones, the addition of QR codes can give your digital marketing a lot more impact. Our team at Got Ya! Business can help you include two primary types of QR codes into your marketing:

● Static QR codes: These codes act like static URLs, providing a fixed link to a particular piece of content.
● Dynamic QR codes: These codes link to text that can be edited or altered as often as you like. They can also collect tracking metrics that you can use to enhance your overall digital marketing performance.