What is food Psycho Marketing?

Food Psychomarketing is like the magic behind the delicious food you love. We help restaurants and chefs create culinary experiences that not only satisfy your palate, but also make you feel special emotions. Think of it as the way a dish makes you remember happy moments in your life or how a simple photograph can whet your appetite. We use smart strategies to connect food with your emotions and memories, making every bite even more meaningful.

What are the benefits?

Increased Sales and Clientele

Through targeted marketing strategies, you will increase your sales and attract new customers, which will boost the growth of your culinary business.


You will create emotional connections with your customers, generating loyalty and ensuring that they come back again and again. Loyal customers are repeat customers.

Market Differentiation

I will help you stand out from the competition by establishing a unique brand identity that appeals to your ideal customers.

Unforgettable Experiences

You will create culinary experiences that your customers will not forget, generating word-of-mouth recommendations and increasing the visibility of your business.

Resource Optimization

You will efficiently use your marketing resources, maximizing your investment and obtaining measurable and positive results.


Have you ever felt divided, as if something was missing in your life, as if you needed to find your true purpose? That happened to me.

Years ago, I started my career in graphic design and advertising, and for a decade, I worked in that field. But even though I chose this path, there came a time when I felt something wasn’t right. At 27, I found myself reflecting on what I really wanted to do with my life. What was it that I was passionate about? What was I really good at? What did I enjoy doing?

Then, I remembered something my friends always told me: I cooked delicious. “You should have studied culinary cuisine,” they would tell me. So I started looking for a way to get into culinary cuisine. But I didn’t want to spend another four years studying, so I found a culinary cuisine school in Mexico City that offered a technical career of only two years, focused on practice from day one. That’s how my adventure at Ambrosía began.

However, while studying culinary cuisine, I discovered a major challenge: an allergy so strong to seafood that I couldn’t even smell or touch it without my throat closing up. This prevented me from finishing my degree, but I had already acquired the necessary basics and was determined not to let anyone or anything stop my passion for cooking.

Soon after, while exploring opportunities in the culinary cuisine industry, I received three offers to work abroad for a year. I was hired at a hotel in Denver, Colorado, where I had the opportunity to learn different aspects of the hotel kitchen. It was there that I decided I wanted to become a full-fledged chef, learning various styles of cooking before specializing in baking.

After my time at the hotel, I had the opportunity to work in a restaurant group, where I played the role of cook in a restaurant with a vegetarian and gluten-free focus. It was an eye-opening experience, as I discovered that delicious and varied dishes could be created with plant-based ingredients, far beyond the typical salads.

Later, I became a pastry chef in a fine dining restaurant and also worked in a catering company. However, after giving birth to my daughter and having the opportunity to dedicate time to my family, I decided to temporarily step away from the culinary cuisine industry.

Two years later, I started looking for ways to get back to work without neglecting my family. It was then that I delved into the world of digital marketing, updating myself during the first few months of the pandemic. This led me to start my own company.

Although my digital marketing company had some success, after two years and welcoming my second child, I realized that something was missing. I wasn’t happy with the direction my business had taken, and I missed working in the kitchen and creating delicious breads and desserts.

It was then that I discovered the world of Psychomarketing, a discipline that combines my two great passions: marketing and culinary cuisine. I started applying Psychomarketing to the food industry, and realized that I could make a difference in a unique way. I could help chefs remember their passion and original purpose, define a clear path to their dreams, and create a strong brand that connects deeply with their diners.

My purpose is clear: to help chefs connect with their diners through a passion for culinary cuisine and the universal language of food. But what exactly does that mean? It means creating “Ratatouille” moments.


What is a “Ratatouille” moment?

It’s when a bite of food awakens a memory inside you, transports you back to your childhood or makes you relive a special moment in your life. It’s the magic of culinary cuisine that connects with people’s hearts and souls.

So, if you’ve ever felt divided or if you have a restaurant and feel like you lack direction, I’m here to help you. Let’s connect with the heart through the passion for cooking and create “Ratatouille” moments together. Will you join me in this delicious adventure?