We are more than a culinary marketing agency.

We are culinary storytellers, masters of emotional connection and creators of unforgettable experiences. From personalized consulting to transformative trainings, we help you take your business to new horizons.

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Your ally in the exciting world of culinary arts and marketing

Here, we fuse the passion for cooking with the magic of Psychomarketing to create unique emotional connections between your culinary business and your diners.

What is Food Psycho Marketing?

Food Psychomarketing is like the magic behind the delicious food you love.

We help restaurants and chefs create culinary experiences that not only satisfy your palate, but also make you feel special emotions.

Think of it as the way a dish makes you remember happy moments in your life or how a simple photograph can whet your appetite.

We use smart strategies to connect food with your emotions and memories, making every bite even more meaningful.


Because we understand that your culinary business is much more than just dishes and flavors.

We focus on unlocking the power of emotions in culinary arts, creating lasting connections that transcend the palate. Our innovative approach and passion for detail set us apart, bringing you real and meaningful results.

At GOT YA BUSINESS, we create Ratatouille moments: culinary experiences that touch the heart and awaken unique memories and emotions with every bite.

Our Services

Gastronomic Psychomarketing Consultancy

I will guide you in creating effective strategies to communicate the unique value of your culinary cuisine offer, connecting with your customers on an emotional level and generating lasting relationships.

Digital Psychomarketing Service

Leveraging digital tools, I will help you expand your online presence, reach a wider audience and convey your brand message in an impactful and authentic way.

Gastronomic Psychomarketing Training

I will share my knowledge and experience with you and your team, providing you with the necessary tools to integrate Psychomarketing into your business strategy, thus boosting your results and creating memorable gastronomic experiences.

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What Our Customers Say

“Thanks to GOT YA BUSINESS, we have managed to create a real connection with our diners. Every dish we serve becomes a shared story.” – Chef Ana G.